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    Travelling with Your Pet: What you should know.

     Travelling is Fun: What you should know about travelling with your pet. With more and more families and people having at least 1 pet in their homes, we are seeing … Read More »

    Getting a New Cat? Here’s what you should know about their first year veterinary care.

    Acquiring a new kitten family member is a very exciting time. Whether a specific breed is sought from a reputable breeder or adopted from an outdoor living style, we will be … Read More »

    Coyotes and Your Pets Safety

      Recently we had a client in that lives in Lasalle that was telling us about the coyotes she sees in her yard at night.  It prompted us to revisit … Read More »

    Did you know animals can have allergies!?

    ALLERGIES Did you know that our pets can suffer from allergies?  They can! Essentially anything that a human can be allergic to, so can our pets; even other animal fur! … Read More »

    Thunderstorm & Firework Phobia

    Animals have a natural instinct to seek shelter when exposed to loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms.  During their attempt to escape, your pet may damage property, injure themselves … Read More »